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Jo Jo's Attic
200 Marshall Howard Blvd
Littlefield, Texas 79339


9:00am to 6:00pm

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About Jo Jos Attic

Once upon a time in a small West Texas Town with great Tradition came a little business called Jo Jo’s Attic. When we started we had, of course, great hopes and dreams that Jo Jo’s would grow and become a business that everyone would be proud to know. One little baby step at a time, over the past three years, with all our faithful friends, we have grown Jo Jo’s to the step of a website.

We pride ourselves on being a very custom-oriented business with our customers always coming first. We have learned many valuable lessons through our great journey but our most important is being thankful for the opportunity that God has given us, and the many doors he has opened. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of the goal we accomplished this year; and just wait, there will be more to come.

My little special story has a question that everyone asks: “How did you get your name?” Well, in the same small West Texas Town we have a very special daycare run by an angel named Janice Cox, who helped raise a little girl named Jordyn Aragon, and right away her nickname became Jo Jo, as given by Janice’s son, Alan. The nickname is a permanent fixture now through the legacy of Jo Jo’s Attic.

And last but not least my special thanks: First and Foremost to My Father in Heaven who provided the opportunity when I needed it most.

To my family who takes care of me everyday even when I am gripey. I love you the most!

To my very bestest friends in the whole world who have made this the most incredible journey. Tammy & BB I love you forever.

To Laura who went from my adviser to my friend for life. I am eternally grateful.

To DeEnna: words can’t say enough. Thanks for always listening and believing in me you are my true friend.

To Mrs. Zapata: I am so lucky to have you in my life. My best prayer buddy & friend. I love you Lola!

To my right hand who has made my life easier by being in it. I will miss you more than you will know and you will always be in heart. Grow up slowly Shelby!

To Sharron for being the very best at what she does with the special gift God gave her. You are awesome!

To Erin, Lisa, Ronnie and Renee: *I love you guys*

To Kim, Julie R., Julie L., Shanda, Rhesa, Londi and Stephanie for your never ending friendship and support!

To Duane and Shawn for the numerous favors over and over you’re the best!

To my long time friend Pat for believing in my idea and helping me make it happen.

To my faithful customers, who have become my friends, for each one of you I am thankful. You brighten my day. Please understand you are not my customers, you are my family.

I love you Anthony.


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